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    This has been very encouraging given Neptune was only incorporated in July Etrading programinė įranga neptune our product is resonating, delivering results and being adopted industry-wide.

    Our sell-side support has been strong, too. Our 25th bank is on-board and set to go live in Q1,and we have another 5 reviewing documentation.

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    The fact that our clients — both buy side and sell side — are joining and staying with us is thanks in no small part to our improved technological offering. Connectivity has played a key part in our growth.

    Neptune Growth chart As the amount of data being shared has grown, our asset class offering has expanded, too.

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    For example, we want to add the ability for clients to send data on buy-side axes to selected bank counterparts. Neptune GUI Analytics tab view Excitingly, our client pipeline for looks very strong, with dealers — of all shapes and sizes — lining up to take advantage of our ever-growing footprint in the UK, Europe and the US. As mentioned above, buy-side clients are showing significant interest, too. More clients on the platform means more data for all of our users, so as praktikuoti kriptovaliutų prekybą grow the community, we will also be improving the quality of the product and the service that we are able to provide.

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